or put in a good word for.

Put in a good word for meaning

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What does put in a word expression mean?. speaks well of. . put in a (good) word for somebody.

to say positive things about someone: 2.



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SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

If you hear a Scot referring to “wee beasties” then keep an eye out because this refers to pesky small insects, and if it’s expressed like “they’ve got wee beasties in. Compound Forms: put in a good word: Inglés: Español: put in a good word for [sth/sb] vtr: informal (say [sth] in support of) (apoyar, respaldar): defender a vtr + prep (apoyar, respaldar)interceder por vi + prep (formal; laboral)dar buenas referencias de loc verb + prep (laboral)recomendar a vtr + prep: Dad's angry at my big sister; Grandpa's going to put in. . champion.

. fc-falcon">Definition of putting in a good word in the Idioms Dictionary. Synonyms and related words.

put in a good word.
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looks with favour on. advocate.

put in a bid of. the quality of affording easy familiarity and sociability.


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tips off.


Wee Beasties. definitions. thesaurus. .

Healing Eucharist Mass | Teleradyo (21 May 2023). . I put in a good. Synonyms for Put In A Good Word (other words and phrases for Put In A Good Word).

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Put in a word for definition: to make favourable mention of (someone); recommend | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

May 19, 2023 · AOC Tells DeSantis He ‘Should Read The Bible’ After Calling Marine Charged in Subway Killing a ‘Good Samaritan’. " FOOTBALL. word Examples from the Corpus put in a (good) word for somebody • He put in a good word for him at meetings of the. Hard to Put into Words What Montana Fouts Means to Alabama Softball.